Grand National Form 2017

In general, the most important thing with selecting the winner of any horse race is to go by the recent form of the Horse against the form of all the other horse in the same race.

What makes Grand National Betting so interesting is that the recent form of the horse does not play as big a part in selecting a winner as is the case in any other race. Therefore reading the form is not so important in this case. To some extent this is why the race has such appeal to the mass audience. One of the difficulties with Horse racing in general is that there is some much jargon that it is difficult for the person who is experiencing Horse racing for the first time.

Nevertheless we have put together a brief overview of each of the horses for your consideration and you may also like to check out our 2017 Grand National Tips.

1Many CloudsMany Clouds
L Aspell
O Sherwood
9 yrs / 164 lbs

Comment: Many Clouds

Very good winner of this in 2015; 5lb higher in better renewal; good win at Kelso latest

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
13/03/16KEL 23Sft Cl1 LisCh,19K162 lbsLeighton Aspell1/7 10l, Unioniste[11/10F]11-4
30/01/16CHL 25Hy Cl1 G2Ch,57K164 lbsLeighton Aspell2/8 12l, Smad Place[6/1]11-6
05/12/15Ain 24Sft Cl1 LisCh,23K164 lbsLeighton Aspell2/4 4l, Don Poli[13/8]11-5
31/10/15WET 24Sft Cl1 G2Ch,57K164 lbsLeighton Aspell6/7 25l, Cue Card[9/2]11-0
11/04/15Ain 34GS Cl1 G3ChHc,561K163 lbsLeighton Aspell1/39 1 3/4l, Saint Are[25/1]10-6

2Silviniaco ContiSilviniaco Conti
N Fehily
P Nicholls
10 yrs / 162 lbs

Comment: Silviniaco Conti

Won 2 King Georges and 2 Bowls here; back to form latest; has to prove stamina

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
20/02/16ASC 21Sft Cl1 G1Ch,85K161 lbsNoel Fehily1/8 20l, Dynaste[2/1F]11-7 bl(1)
26/12/15KEM 24GS Cl1 G1Ch,114K164 lbsNoel FehilyPU/9 Cue Card[9/1]11-10 cp
21/11/15HAY 24Sft Cl1 G1Ch,113K161 lbsNoel Fehily2/5 7l, Cue Card[5/4F]11-7 cp
02/11/15KEM 21Gd Cl2 HdHc,12K166 lbsNoel Fehily2/5 4l, Brother Tedd[7/2]10-13 cp
09/04/15Ain 24GS Cl1 G1Ch,85K161 lbsNoel Fehily1/7 1/4l, Ballynagour[7/4F]11-7 cp

3First LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
B Cooper
M Morris
11 yrs / 158 lbs

Comment: First Lieutenant

Retains form well but remote 16th in this last year and 5lb higher this time

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
06/02/16LEO 24Hy G1Ch,62K164 lbsDavy RussellPU/10 Carlingford Lough[10/1]11-10 cp
28/12/15LEO 24Hy G1Ch,70K164 lbsDavy Russell2/6 1/2l, Don Poli[16/1]11-10 cp
28/11/15NBY 25Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,114K150 lbsMark Enright3/15 12 1/2l, Smad Place[20/1]11-4 cp
12/11/15CLO 20Sft/Hy G2Ch,24K159 lbsMark Enright4/5 6 3/4l, Road To Riches[25/1]11-12
02/05/15PUN 25Sft ChHc,25K159 lbsDavid Mullins8/19 55l, Gallant Oscar[14/1]10-9 bl,t

4Wonderful CharmWonderful Charm
S Twiston-Davies
P Nicholls
8 yrs / 157 lbs

Comment: Wonderful Charm

All wins at up to 2m5f but ran well over 3m1f on Mildmay course last April; needs more

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
11/12/15CHL 26Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,26K166 lbsSam Twiston-Davies2/8 17l, Aachen[15/2]9-9 t,cp
25/04/15SAN 28Gd Cl1 G3ChHc,85K162 lbsNoel FehilyPU/20 Just A Par[16/1]10-0 t,cp
11/04/15Ain 24Gd Cl1 LisChHc,34K166 lbsSam Twiston-Davies3/10 1/2l, Duke Of Lucca[9/2]10-4 t,cp
12/03/15CHL 21Gd Cl1 G1Ch,179K164 lbsSam Twiston-Davies8/14 35l, Uxizandre[16/1]11-10 t,cp
26/12/14KEM 24GS Cl1 G1Ch,114K164 lbsNick Scholfield7/10 32l, Silviniaco Conti[33/1]11-10 t

T Scudamore
D Pipe
10 yrs / 156 lbs

Comment: Ballynagour

Inconsistent; good 2nd in the Bowl here in 2015; bleak winter but signs of revival latest

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
17/03/16CHL 20Gd Cl1 G3ChHc,57K161 lbsDavid Noonan7/22 14l, Empire Of Dirt[20/1]10-11 h,t
13/02/16NBY 23Sft Cl1 G2Ch,29K154 lbsTom ScudamorePU/7 Houblon Des Obeaux[3/1]11-0 h,t
26/12/15KEM 24GS Cl1 G1Ch,114K164 lbsTom ScudamorePU/9 Cue Card[66/1]11-10 h,t
21/11/15HAY 24Sft Cl1 G1Ch,113K161 lbsConor O'Farrell5/5 110l, Cue Card[10/1]11-7 h,t
31/10/15WET 24Sft Cl1 G2Ch,57K154 lbsNoel Fehily3/7 4l, Cue Card[6/1]11-0 h,t

6O'Faolains BoyO'Faolains Boy
B Hughes
Miss R Curtis
9 yrs / 155 lbs

Comment: O'Faolains Boy

Leading staying novice in 2014, winning the RSA, but rarely looked the same horse since

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
18/03/16CHL 26Gd Cl1 G1Ch,327K164 lbsNoel Fehily7/9 53l, Don Cossack[40/1]11-10 cp
27/02/16CHP 23Sft Cl2 HdHc,13K163 lbsDavid Mullins8/17 33l, Arpege D'Alene[10/1]11-1
30/01/16CHL 25Hy Cl1 G2Ch,57K160 lbsNoel FehilyPU/8 Smad Place[15/2]11-6 t
16/12/15NBY 23Sft Cl2 Ch,14K161 lbsNoel Fehily1/4 15l, Sausalito Sunrise[100/30]11-7
21/11/15ASC 21GS Cl1 G2Ch,40K155 lbsBarry GeraghtyPU/5 Vautour[16/1]11-6

R M Power
E Bolger
8 yrs / 155 lbs

Comment: Gilgamboa

All wins at up to 2m4f; useful 3m form at Christmas; ran well in Ryanair; stamina tested

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
17/03/16CHL 20Gd Cl1 G1Ch,179K164 lbsBarry Geraghty5/15 10l, Vautour[28/1]11-10
06/02/16LEO 24Hy G1Ch,62K164 lbsBarry Geraghty5/10 26l, Carlingford Lough[6/1]11-10 cp
27/12/15LEO 24Hy ChHc,83K159 lbsJack Kennedy4/28 5 1/4l, Minella Foru[4/1F]10-8
06/12/15PUN 20Hy G1Ch,40K164 lbsBarry Geraghty3/7 13 1/2l, Djakadam[7/2]11-10
05/04/15FAI 20Sft NvG1Ch,47K164 lbsA P McCoy1/8 1/2l, The Tullow Tank[7/1]11-10

8On His OwnOn His Own
Mr P W Mullins
W Mullins
12 yrs / 155 lbs

Comment: On His Own

Gold Cup 2nd in 2014; still useful but fell here in 2012 and 2013; 6th in Becher in 2013

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
18/03/16CHL 26Gd Cl1 G1Ch,327K164 lbsMr P W Mullins8/9 54l, Don Cossack[50/1]11-10 cp
20/02/16FAI 25Hy G2Ch,20K160 lbsMr P W Mullins2/7 1/4l, Boston Bob[8/1]11-3 cp
06/02/16LEO 24Hy G1Ch,62K164 lbsMr P W Mullins8/10 66l, Carlingford Lough[16/1]11-10 bl
28/12/15LEO 24Hy G1Ch,70K164 lbsMr P W Mullins4/6 3 1/4l, Don Poli[25/1]11-10 bl
11/12/15CHL 30GS Cl2 Ch,22K162 lbsPaul TownendUR/14 Josies Orders[8/1]11-8

9The Druids NephewThe Druids Nephew
D F O'Regan
N Mulholland
9 yrs / 154 lbs

Comment: The Druids Nephew

Improving last spring; still going well when fell 5 out here; 9lb higher; possibilities

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
05/03/16DON 26Sft Cl2 ChHc,35K166 lbsDenis O'Regan2/6 10l, The Last Samuri[7/1]11-6 cp
11/12/15CHL 26Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,26K163 lbsBarry Geraghty6/8 41l, Aachen[4/1]9-9 cp
31/10/15WET 24Sft Cl1 G2Hd,23K155 lbsMichael Byrne6/9 124l, Kilcooley[10/1]11-9 cp
11/04/15Ain 34GS Cl1 G3ChHc,561K149 lbsAidan ColemanF/39 Many Clouds[10/1]11-9 cp
10/03/15CHL 25GS Cl1 G3ChHc,51K157 lbsBarry Geraghty1/24 3 3/4l, Grand Jesture[8/1]10-11 cp

10Triolo D'AleneTriolo D'Alene
J McGrath
N Henderson
9 yrs / 154 lbs

Comment: Triolo D'Alene

Won Topham (2m5f here) and Hennessy in 2013; had wind problems since and lapsed latest

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
20/02/16ASC 21Sft Cl1 G1Ch,85K161 lbsJeremiah McGrath5/8 54l, Silviniaco Conti[5/1]11-7
09/01/16KEM 20Sft Cl1 LisCh,19K154 lbsJeremiah McGrath1/3 49l, Wishfull Thinking[8/1]11-10
03/01/15SAN 24Sft Cl2 ChHc,31K166 lbsBarry Geraghty3/11 13l, Unioniste[16/1]11-6
29/11/14NBY 25Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,100K166 lbsBarry GeraghtyPU/19 Many Clouds[25/1]11-6
05/04/14Ain 34GS Cl1 G3ChHc,561K160 lbsBarry GeraghtyPU/40 Pineau De Re[16/1]10-6

11Rocky CreekRocky Creek
A Thornton
P Nicholls
10 yrs / 153 lbs

Comment: Rocky Creek

Bold effort when 5th in this 2014 but zest missing 12 months ago; below best this winter

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
27/02/16KEM 24GS Cl1 G3ChHc,57K165 lbsSam Twiston-Davies10/15 22l, Theatre Guide[16/1]10-6 bl,t(1)
13/02/16NBY 23Sft Cl1 G2Ch,29K160 lbsSam Twiston-Davies4/7 50l, Houblon Des Obeaux[2/1F]11-0
05/12/15Ain 21Sft Cl2 ChHc,43K166 lbsNick ScholfieldPU/13 Bennys Mist[11/2]10-4 cp
31/10/15DRO 24Y/Sft G1Ch,65K164 lbsSam Twiston-Davies2/4 8l, Don Cossack[7/1]11-10
25/04/15SAN 28Gd Cl1 G3ChHc,85K166 lbsNick ScholfieldPU/20 Just A Par[20/1]10-0

12Sir Des ChampsSir Des Champs
Ms N Carberry
W Mullins
10 yrs / 153 lbs

Comment: Sir Des Champs

2nd in the Gold Cup in 2013; form inconclusive since two-year absence

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
06/02/16LEO 24Hy G1Ch,62K164 lbsPaul Townend7/10 32l, Carlingford Lough[14/1]11-10
28/12/15LEO 24Hy G1Ch,70K164 lbsR Walsh5/6 21l, Don Poli[100/30]11-10
19/11/15THU 22Sft LisCh,13K154 lbsB J Cooper1/6 2 3/4l, Rubi Light[11/10F]11-7
28/12/13LEO 24Y/Sft G1Ch,76K164 lbsDavy Russell4/9 6 1/4l, Bobs Worth[11/4J]11-10
08/12/13PUN 20Gd/Y G1Ch,42K164 lbsDavy RussellF/3 Arvika Ligeonniere[7/4]11-10

R McLernon
Jonjo O'Neill
9 yrs / 152 lbs

Comment: Holywell

Always shown excellent form at the big British spring festivals; neat jumper; stays well

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
15/03/16CHL 25GS Cl1 G3ChHc,57K166 lbsRichie McLernon2/23 7l, Un Temps Pour Tout[8/1]11-7 bl
30/01/16DON 24Gd Cl1 LisChHc,46K166 lbsWill KennedyPU/15 Ziga Boy[8/1]10-0 cp
21/11/15HAY 24Sft Cl1 G1Ch,113K161 lbsRichie McLernon4/5 33l, Cue Card[16/1]11-7 bl
31/10/15WET 24Sft Cl1 G2Ch,57K160 lbsRichie McLernon5/7 23l, Cue Card[10/1]11-0 bl
09/04/15Ain 24GS Cl1 G1Ch,85K161 lbsA P McCoy3/7 2 1/2l, Silviniaco Conti[5/2]11-7 bl

B J Geraghty
Jonjo O'Neill
9 yrs / 151 lbs

Comment: Shutthefrontdoor

Won 3m5f Irish National in 2014; jumped soundly but faded into 5th in this last year

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
05/03/16NBY 19Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,28K166 lbsBarry GeraghtyPU/13 Sametegal[12/1]11-3 t
07/11/15Ain 24Sft Cl2 HdHc,12K166 lbsBarry Geraghty3/7 8 1/2l, Broxbourne[7/2]11-0 t
11/04/15Ain 34GS Cl1 G3ChHc,561K156 lbsA P McCoy5/39 13l, Many Clouds[6/1F]11-9 t,cp
10/11/14CRL 24Sft Cl2 Ch,13K164 lbsBarry Geraghty1/5 8l, Vintage Star[2/1]11-10 t,cp
21/04/14FAI 29Gd/Y ChHc,118K153 lbsBarry Geraghty1/26 3/4l, Golden Wonder[8/1F]10-6 t,cp

C O'Farrell
D Pipe
11 yrs / 151 lbs

Comment: Soll

4th in the Becher in December but only 7th in this race in 2013 and 9th in 2015

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
18/02/16KEL 26Hy Cl2 Ch,14K156 lbsTom Scudamore3/4 75l, Unioniste[6/4]11-2 bl,t
02/01/16SAN 24Hy Cl2 ChHc,62K163 lbsTom Scudamore1/15 1/4l, Aachen[7/1J]11-5 bl,t
05/12/15Ain 25Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,79K153 lbsTom Scudamore4/17 3 1/4l, Highland Lodge[9/1]10-0 bl,t
14/11/15CHL 27GS Cl1 G3ChHc,28K159 lbsTom Scudamore16/17 52l, Sausalito Sunrise[12/1]11-3 t,cp
11/04/15Ain 34GS Cl1 G3ChHc,561K142 lbsTom Scudamore9/39 41l, Many Clouds[9/1]11-9 bl,t

P Moloney
E Williams
9 yrs / 150 lbs

Comment: Buywise

Last won a chase 2 years ago; 3rd over 3m latest but not a certain stayer over this far

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
30/01/16DON 24Gd Cl1 LisChHc,46K158 lbsBrian Harding3/15 3 3/4l, Ziga Boy[8/1]10-0
12/12/15CHL 20Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,57K156 lbsAdam Wedge4/14 9 1/4l, Village Vic[8/1]10-0
14/11/15CHL 20GS Cl1 G3ChHc,91K155 lbsPaul Moloney2/20 1/2l, Annacotty[10/1]11-0
25/10/15Ain 19Gd Cl1 G2ChHc,34K149 lbsPaul Moloney3/10 3 3/4l, Sound Investment[9/2]11-3
11/04/15Ain 24Gd Cl1 LisChHc,34K156 lbsAdam Wedge5/10 6l, Duke Of Lucca[3/1F]10-4

17Boston BobBoston Bob
P Townend
W Mullins
11 yrs / 150 lbs

Comment: Boston Bob

Won Grade 1s here and Punchestown in 2014 but not lived up to high hopes; capable though

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
20/02/16FAI 25Hy G2Ch,20K157 lbsR Walsh1/7 1/4l, On His Own[4/1]11-6
21/01/16GOW 25Hy ChHc,44K162 lbsDanny MullinsPU/18 My Murphy[28/1]10-5
29/07/15GAL 22Gd ChHc,102K164 lbsMr P W Mullins13/22 55l, Shanahan's Turn[16/1]10-10
29/04/15PUN 25Gd/Y G1Ch,93K164 lbsD J Casey5/8 40l, Don Cossack[16/1]11-10
13/03/15CHL 26Sft Cl1 G1Ch,313K164 lbsPaul Townend10/16 42l, Coneygree[33/1]11-10

H Brooke
Miss V Williams
12 yrs / 150 lbs

Comment: Aachen

Trail has gone cold since two front-running wins in December; high in the weights now

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
05/03/16NBY 25GS Cl2 ChHc,19K161 lbsCharlie Deutsch9/12 73l, Shotavodka[14/1]10-3
30/01/16DON 24Gd Cl1 LisChHc,46K153 lbsCharlie Deutsch11/15 47l, Ziga Boy[22/1]10-0
02/01/16SAN 24Hy Cl2 ChHc,62K159 lbsCharlie Deutsch2/15 1/4l, Soll[11/1]11-9
11/12/15CHL 26Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,26K135 lbsCharlie Deutsch1/8 17l, Wonderful Charm[12/1]11-12
03/12/15WCN 25Sft Cl3 ChHc,9K165 lbsLiam Treadwell1/7 6l, Spending Time[7/1]11-0

19Morning AssemblyMorning Assembly
D N Russell
P Fahy
9 yrs / 149 lbs

Comment: Morning Assembly

Normally fluent jumper; 3rd in RSA in 2014 before layoff; well handicapped; plenty to like

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
15/03/16CHL 25GS Cl1 G3ChHc,57K163 lbsDavy Russell4/23 17l, Un Temps Pour Tout[10/1]11-7
13/02/16GOW 20Hy G2Ch,20K157 lbsB J Cooper2/4 11l, Smashing[4/1]11-6
30/01/16FAI 21Hy Ch,11K162 lbsDavy Russell2/7 1/4l, Bridgets Pet[3/1]10-7
29/04/14PUN 25Gd NvG1Ch,47K164 lbsDavy Russell3/5 16 1/2l, Carlingford Lough[7/4F]11-10
12/03/14CHL 24Gd Cl1 G1Ch,85K158 lbsDavy Russell3/15 6 1/4l, O'Faolains Boy[9/1]11-4

20Double RossDouble Ross
R Hatch
N Twiston-Davies
10 yrs / 149 lbs

Comment: Double Ross

All wins at up to 2m5f; creditable 5th in Topham 2 years ago; questionable stayer

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
15/03/16CHL 25GS Cl1 G3ChHc,57K163 lbsJamie Moore9/23 48l, Un Temps Pour Tout[33/1]11-7 cp
30/01/16DON 24Gd Cl1 LisChHc,46K157 lbsRyan Hatch9/15 38l, Ziga Boy[16/1]10-0
05/12/15Ain 21Sft Cl2 ChHc,43K156 lbsRyan Hatch5/13 43l, Bennys Mist[7/2F]10-4
14/11/15CHL 20GS Cl1 G3ChHc,91K157 lbsRyan Hatch4/20 4 1/2l, Annacotty[16/1]11-0
31/10/15ASC 23Gd Cl1 G3ChHc,57K154 lbsRyan Hatch2/15 3 1/4l, Pendra[16/1]10-7

J J Burke
J Dreaper
9 yrs / 148 lbs

Comment: Goonyella

Won Midlands National and 2nd in Scottish version last spring; suited by plenty of rain

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
06/03/16NAA 24Hy ChHc,22K163 lbsJ J Burke2/12 6l, Venitien De Mai[14/1]9-12 t
27/01/16THU 22Hy HdHc,8K166 lbsJ J Burke4/11 22l, Positive Approach[8/1]11-2 t
05/12/15Ain 25Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,79K158 lbsJ J Burke9/17 45l, Highland Lodge[8/1]10-0 t
01/11/15COR 24Sft NvG3Hd,19K154 lbsKeith Donoghue3/5 8 1/2l, Moylisha Tim[6/4]11-0
18/04/15AYR 31Gd Cl1 G3ChHc,120K147 lbsJ J Burke2/29 3/4l, Wayward Prince[16/1]10-1 t

22Ucello ContiUcello Conti
D Jacob
G Elliott
8 yrs / 148 lbs

Comment: Ucello Conti

Raced over shorter in France but 2 good runs over 3m1f on heavy in Ireland of late

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
21/01/16GOW 25Hy ChHc,44K149 lbsJacques Ricou3/18 6 3/4l, My Murphy[11/1]10-5 t
27/12/15LEO 24Hy ChHc,83K151 lbsJacques Ricou2/28 1 1/2l, Minella Foru[25/1]10-8 t
13/12/15NAV 20Hy ChHc,15K158 lbsBarry Geraghty6/9 16l, Fine Rightly[4/1]11-7
19/11/14Eng 19Hy Ch,9K148 lbsMaxime HevinPU/11 River Choice[42/10]11-3
08/06/14Rst 21GF Ch,6K148 lbsAlexis Poirier1/3 5l, Baldian[22/5]11-0

N Scholfield
P Nicholls
8 yrs / 148 lbs

Comment: Unioniste

Fell early in this last year; laboured 8th in Becher at Christmas; needs to jump better

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
13/03/16KEL 23Sft Cl1 LisCh,19K158 lbsNick Scholfield2/7 10l, Many Clouds[5/1]11-8
18/02/16KEL 26Hy Cl2 Ch,14K156 lbsNick Scholfield1/4 9l, Neptune Equester[10/11F]10-12
06/02/16SAN 24GS Cl2 ChHc,31K164 lbsNick Scholfield3/8 6 1/4l, Le Reve[8/1]11-4
19/12/15ASC 23GS Cl1 LisChHc,57K163 lbsNick Scholfield12/13 41l, Wakanda[20/1]11-5 cp
05/12/15Ain 25Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,79K166 lbsNick Scholfield8/17 43l, Highland Lodge[9/1]10-0 t

24Le ReveLe Reve
H Skelton
Mrs L Wadham
8 yrs / 148 lbs

Comment: Le Reve

Close 3rd in good 3m5f handicap last April; this is more demanding; higher mark here

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
27/02/16KEM 24GS Cl1 G3ChHc,57K156 lbsHarry Skelton5/15 13 1/2l, Theatre Guide[9/1]10-6 bl
06/02/16SAN 24GS Cl2 ChHc,31K158 lbsHarry Skelton1/8 2 1/4l, Pete The Feat[4/1F]10-4 bl(1)
30/01/16DON 24Gd Cl1 LisChHc,46K153 lbsNico de Boinville6/15 24l, Ziga Boy[10/1]10-0 cp
09/01/16KEM 24Sft Cl2 ChHc,12K166 lbsLeighton Aspell2/7 5l, Kruzhlinin[7/2]11-3 cp
14/11/15CHL 27GS Cl1 G3ChHc,28K162 lbsLeighton Aspell10/17 17 1/2l, Sausalito Sunrise[20/1]11-3 cp

25Gallant OscarGallant Oscar
M P Walsh
A Martin
10 yrs / 148 lbs

Comment: Gallant Oscar

Some clumsy jumps at Naas latest but copes well with big fields; has potential as a stayer

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
06/03/16NAA 24Hy ChHc,22K164 lbsBarry Geraghty5/12 15l, Venitien De Mai[10/1]9-12
17/01/16LEO 24Sft HdHc,9K159 lbsBarry Geraghty7/12 33l, Golan Lodge[9/4F]10-2
27/12/15LEO 24Hy ChHc,83K155 lbsDonagh MeylerUR/28 Minella Foru[20/1]10-8
02/05/15PUN 25Sft ChHc,25K149 lbsMark Walsh1/19 9l, Archie Meade[5/2F]9-10
10/03/15CHL 25GS Cl1 G3ChHc,51K145 lbsB J Cooper3/24 5 1/4l, The Druids Nephew[9/1]11-3

T O'Brien
P Hobbs
7 yrs / 148 lbs

Comment: Onenightinvienna

Only 4 chase runs but good staying form until below best latest; looks a steady jumper

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
20/02/16ASC 23Sft Cl1 NvG2Ch,23K158 lbsTom O'Brien5/6 18l, Vyta Du Roc[9/4]11-0 cp
25/01/16KEM 24Sft Cl4 NvCh,5K160 lbsTom O'Brien2/4 1/4l, Local Show[10/11F]11-6
11/12/15CHL 25Sft Cl2 NvCh,14K160 lbsTom O'Brien2/6 2 1/2l, Blaklion[11/2]11-1
22/11/15EXE 24Hy Cl3 NvCh,9K154 lbsTom O'Brien1/7 1 1/4l, Fletchers Flyer[11/4]11-0
22/04/15PER 23GS Cl2 NvHd,9K157 lbsTom O'Brien1/5 1l, Caracci Apache[11/10J]11-6

27The Last SamuriThe Last Samuri
D Bass
K Bailey
8 yrs / 148 lbs

Comment: The Last Samuri

Progressive and 12lb well in after Doncaster win; acts on good and soft; stout stayer

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
05/03/16DON 26Sft Cl2 ChHc,35K160 lbsDavid Bass1/6 10l, The Druids Nephew[2/1F]11-12
27/12/15KEM 24GS Cl2 ChHc,26K161 lbsDavid Bass1/15 1 1/4l, Viva Steve[9/2J]10-8
28/11/15NCS 23Sft Cl1 LisChHc,34K153 lbsDavid Bass3/12 7 1/2l, Wakanda[5/1J]11-4
18/04/15AYR 24Gd Cl2 NvChHc,19K149 lbsWilson Renwick2/7 1/4l, Puffin Billy[11/5F]11-8 h
21/03/15KEL 26GS Cl2 ChHc,16K148 lbsWilson Renwick1/10 2 3/4l, Harry The Viking[9/2F]10-5 h

R Johnson
P Hobbs
9 yrs / 147 lbs

Comment: Kruzhlinin

Distant 10th here in 2014, later creditable 7th in Becher; below best off new mark latest

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
15/03/16CHL 25GS Cl1 G3ChHc,57K161 lbsRichard Johnson5/23 23l, Un Temps Pour Tout[9/1]11-7
09/01/16KEM 24Sft Cl2 ChHc,12K157 lbsRichard Johnson1/7 5l, Le Reve[5/2F]11-12
01/02/15MUS 24Gd Cl2 HdHc,13K154 lbsJason Maguire2/12 2 3/4l, Dawalan[20/1]11-9
06/12/14Ain 25GS Cl1 G3ChHc,79K158 lbsJason Maguire7/25 15 1/2l, Oscar Time[33/1]10-12
05/04/14Ain 34GS Cl1 G3ChHc,561K146 lbsWilson Renwick10/40 42l, Pineau De Re[100/1]10-6

29Rule The WorldRule The World
D Mullins
M Morris
9 yrs / 147 lbs

Comment: Rule The World

Yet to win over fences but good 2nd in Irish National last spring on only stamina test

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
06/03/16NAA 20Hy NvG3Ch,15K156 lbsB J Cooper4/7 21l, Sub Lieutenant[2/1]11-2
21/01/16GOW 25Hy ChHc,44K149 lbsJack Kennedy5/18 15l, My Murphy[9/1]10-5
29/12/15LEO 24Hy NvG1Ch,40K164 lbsDavy Russell2/4 9l, No More Heroes[7/1]11-10
04/10/15TIP 20Gd NvG3Ch,15K156 lbsB J Cooper2/4 2 1/2l, The Game Changer[6/4F]11-8 cp
16/09/15LIS 24Hy ChHc,82K158 lbsDavid Mullins3/17 3 1/2l, Rogue Angel[8/1]10-4 cp

30Just A ParJust A Par
S Bowen
P Nicholls
9 yrs / 146 lbs

Comment: Just A Par

Won top 3m5f Sandown handicap in 2015; behind when pulled up in the Becher last winter

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
22/03/16EXE 24Gd Cl2 ChHc,12K165 lbsSean Bowen2/8 4 1/2l, Three Faces West[17/2]10-7
05/12/15SAN 28GS Cl2 ChHc,25K166 lbsSean Bowen9/15 33l, Carole's Destrier[14/1]11-10 bl
14/11/15CHL 27GS Cl1 G3ChHc,28K161 lbsSean Bowen13/17 36l, Sausalito Sunrise[16/1]11-3 bl
25/04/15SAN 28Gd Cl1 G3ChHc,85K140 lbsSean Bowen1/20 1 1/4l, Vics Canvas[14/1]10-5 bl
06/04/15CHP 23GS Cl3 ChHc,8K161 lbsSean Bowen3/12 6 1/4l, Samingarry[7/2F]11-4

W Kennedy
Miss V Williams
10 yrs / 146 lbs

Comment: Katenko

Did well when first arriving from France; has run moderately all 3 runs in last 2 years

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
15/03/16CHL 25GS Cl1 G3ChHc,57K160 lbsLiam Treadwell13/23 59l, Un Temps Pour Tout[40/1]11-7
19/12/15ASC 23GS Cl1 LisChHc,57K155 lbsAidan ColemanPU/13 Wakanda[20/1]11-5
01/11/14ASC 23Gd Cl1 G3ChHc,56K166 lbsAidan ColemanPU/15 What A Warrior[25/1]10-6
14/03/14CHL 26Gd Cl1 G1Ch,327K164 lbsAidan Coleman11/13 35l, Lord Windermere[66/1]11-10
08/02/14NBY 23Hy Cl1 G2Ch,29K160 lbsAidan Coleman3/5 49l, Harry Topper[9/4]11-10

32Vics CanvasVics Canvas
R Dunne
D A McLoughlin
13 yrs / 146 lbs

Comment: Vics Canvas

3m4f winner who was 2nd in top Sandown handicap last spring and close 5th in Becher

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
20/02/16FAI 25Hy G2Ch,20K157 lbsMark Walsh6/7 25l, Boston Bob[25/1]11-3 cp
21/01/16GOW 25Hy ChHc,44K151 lbsRobert DunnePU/18 My Murphy[16/1]10-5 cp
05/12/15Ain 25Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,79K156 lbsRobert Dunne5/17 3 3/4l, Highland Lodge[16/1]10-0 cp
21/11/15HAY 22Sft Cl1 G3HdHc,46K158 lbsRobert Dunne8/16 56l, Baradari[33/1]11-2 cp
25/04/15SAN 28Gd Cl1 G3ChHc,85K145 lbsR Walsh2/20 1 1/4l, Just A Par[12/1]10-0 cp

33Black ThunderBlack Thunder
Mr S Waley-Cohen
P Nicholls
9 yrs / 146 lbs

Comment: Black Thunder

Promising staying novice but mostly struggled in last 12 months and well below best latest

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
06/02/16SAN 24GS Cl2 ChHc,31K163 lbsSam Twiston-Davies6/8 43l, Le Reve[5/1]11-4 t
09/01/16CHP 29Hy Cl1 G3ChHc,68K159 lbsHarry CobdenUR/20 Mountainous[12/1]10-6 t
14/11/15CHL 27GS Cl1 G3ChHc,28K166 lbsSam Twiston-Davies12/17 21l, Sausalito Sunrise[14/1]11-3 t
10/03/15CHL 25GS Cl1 G3ChHc,51K161 lbsSean Bowen7/24 19l, The Druids Nephew[16/1]11-3 t
24/01/15CHL 25Sft Cl1 G2Ch,57K164 lbsSam Twiston-Davies5/6 8 1/2l, Many Clouds[8/1]11-10 t

Ms K Walsh
W Mullins
9 yrs / 146 lbs

Comment: Ballycasey

Brought down in this last year; looked weighted to best of late and stamina doubts linger

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
17/03/16CHL 20Gd Cl1 G3ChHc,57K156 lbsR Walsh5/22 10 1/2l, Empire Of Dirt[10/1]10-11 cp
13/02/16GOW 20Hy G2Ch,20K157 lbsR Walsh3/4 15l, Smashing[15/8]11-6
21/01/16GOW 25Hy ChHc,44K155 lbsR Walsh9/18 23l, My Murphy[11/2]10-5
02/05/15PUN 25Sft ChHc,25K164 lbsR Walsh4/19 14 1/2l, Gallant Oscar[10/1]10-9
11/04/15Ain 34GS Cl1 G3ChHc,561K153 lbsR WalshBD/39 Many Clouds[25/1]11-9

35Hadrian's ApproachHadrian's Approach
N De Boinville
N Henderson
9 yrs / 146 lbs

Comment: Hadrian's Approach

Very promising 3m5f winner in 2014; ran twice last winter; encouraging return latest

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
27/02/16KEM 24GS Cl1 G3ChHc,57K154 lbsNico de Boinville7/15 15 1/2l, Theatre Guide[20/1]10-6
31/01/15SAN 24Sft Cl2 ChHc,31K166 lbsBarry GeraghtyPU/10 Le Reve[7/1]10-13 cp
12/12/14CHL 26GS Cl1 G3ChHc,26K166 lbsBarry Geraghty6/10 35l, Benbane Head[6/1]9-11 cp
26/04/14SAN 28GS Cl1 G3ChHc,85K154 lbsBarry Geraghty1/19 3/4l, Burton Port[10/1]10-9 cp
11/03/14CHL 24GS Cl1 G3ChHc,51K161 lbsBarry Geraghty14/23 30l, Holywell[8/1]11-6

36Vieux Lion RougeVieux Lion Rouge
J Reveley
D Pipe
7 yrs / 145 lbs

Comment: Vieux Lion Rouge

No obvious progress since 3m Haydock win and treading water over 4m latest

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
15/03/16CHL 31GS Cl1 NvLisCh,60K160 lbsMr R P Quinlan6/20 20l, Minella Rocco[25/1]11-6 cp
20/02/16ASC 23Sft Cl1 LisChHc,26K160 lbsTom Scudamore2/5 12l, Sausalito Sunrise[3/1]11-10
11/12/15CHL 26Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,26K153 lbsTom ScudamoreUR/8 Aachen[100/30F]9-9
21/11/15HAY 24Sft Cl2 ChHc,22K160 lbsTom Scudamore1/10 4l, Sun Cloud[8/1]11-5
19/06/15MAR 19Gd Cl4 NvCh,4K159 lbsTom Scudamore1/5 7l, Aalim[1/3F]10-12

A Coleman
C Longsdon
8 yrs / 145 lbs

Comment: Pendra

Good Ascot win in October but not so good next time and plenty to find in this company

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
19/12/15ASC 23GS Cl1 LisChHc,57K155 lbsBarry Geraghty5/13 10 1/2l, Wakanda[9/2F]11-5 cp
31/10/15ASC 23Gd Cl1 G3ChHc,57K147 lbsBarry Geraghty1/15 3 1/4l, Double Ross[11/2F]11-0 cp
10/03/15CHL 25GS Cl1 G3ChHc,51K151 lbsA P McCoy5/24 8 3/4l, The Druids Nephew[9/1]11-3 cp
28/11/14NBY 19Sft Cl2 ChHc,31K150 lbsA P McCoy4/8 13l, No Buts[3/1]10-0
21/04/14FAI 29Gd/Y ChHc,118K151 lbsNoel Fehily10/26 23l, Shutthefrontdoor[22/1]10-13

38Saint AreSaint Are
P Brennan
T George
10 yrs / 145 lbs

Comment: Saint Are

Did well over these fences the last twice, 3rd in the Becher and 2nd in this last year

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
24/02/16DON 24Gd Cl2 ChHc,19K165 lbsPaddy Brennan1/10 3/4l, Grandads Horse[10/1]10-13 t,cp
05/12/15Ain 25Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,79K156 lbsPaddy Brennan7/17 32l, Highland Lodge[8/1]10-0 t,cp
13/11/15CHL 30Gd Cl2 ChHc,16K161 lbsPaddy Brennan6/16 34l, Josies Orders[8/1]10-2 t
11/04/15Ain 34GS Cl1 G3ChHc,561K146 lbsPaddy Brennan2/39 1 3/4l, Many Clouds[25/1]11-9 t,cp
09/02/15CAT 25GS Cl3 ChHc,8K161 lbsPaddy Brennan1/7 7l, Everaard[9/4]10-9 t

39Home FarmHome Farm
A E Lynch
H De Bromhead
9 yrs / 144 lbs

Comment: Home Farm

Close 3rd in Irish National in 2013; pulled up there in 2014; last 2 runs over hurdles

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
28/02/16LEO 18Sft Hd,9K154 lbsA E Lynch6/9 17l, Great Field[14/1]11-9 t
12/11/15CLO 16Sft/Hy Hd,7K166 lbsA E Lynch4/8 7 3/4l, Noble Inn[5/1]11-12 t
25/04/15SAN 22Gd Cl1 LisCh,28K164 lbsD J Casey8/9 47l, Menorah[12/1]11-10
13/03/15CHL 26Sft Cl1 G1Ch,313K164 lbsD J CaseyPU/16 Coneygree[100/1]11-10
08/02/15LEO 24Y G1Ch,67K164 lbsD J Casey7/8 22l, Carlingford Lough[14/1]11-10

40The Romford PeleThe Romford Pele
T Whelan
Miss R Curtis
9 yrs / 144 lbs

Comment: The Romford Pele

Progressive in 2014; pleasing run over 3m3f in November; far from forlorn over this test

DateRace ConditionsWeightJockeyRace Outcome
16/03/16CHL 21Gd Cl1 G3HdHc,51K148 lbsLeighton Aspell8/26 4 1/4l, Diamond King[16/1]11-3 bl
30/01/16CHL 23Hy Cl1 G2Hd,34K154 lbsNoel Fehily3/7 14l, Thistlecrack[50/1]11-8 bl
11/12/15CHL 26Sft Cl1 G3ChHc,26K154 lbsPaul TownendF/8 Aachen[8/1]9-9 bl
14/11/15CHL 27GS Cl1 G3ChHc,28K161 lbsPaul Moloney7/17 6l, Sausalito Sunrise[25/1]11-3 bl
10/10/15CHP 23Gd Cl2 ChHc,16K166 lbsBarry Geraghty7/13 30l, Drop Out Joe[12/1]10-9 bl