Grand National Special Bets 2017

Most everyone will know the straight forward bets that you can have, mainly this would be know from that fun day out at the races when you may have had the odd fiver on a horse to win with the Tote. The Grand National because it is such a unique race the online Bookmakers will offer some unusual or speciality bets, such as naming the age of the winner market.

If you need to understand more about the regular bet types just go to our section devoted to Grand National Betting Guide for Beginners. For those interested in something a little bit different read on. The Name The Favourite Betting is always a great market on National day and this year we have a number of horses chasing that honour.

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How Many Horses Will Finish?

As the Grand National evokes some much interest because the race is such a severe test of bravery, stamina and skill, that every year only about a third of the field will finish the race. Thankfully in recent years the course has made a number of safety improvements and this has helped to reduce fatalities.

If you are interested in this type of bet, the online bookmakers will what is called a spread of betting odds on the amount of finishers. What will be key to the odds is the state of the Ground on the day. Very simply if the conditions are good and the ground is good, then there will be more finishers than if conditions are very testing then only a few will actually finish.

So before any Grand National Tips are given on this type of bet make sure you know what the conditions will be at about 4 o'clock on the day of the race. However, as a general rule if conditions are good about 16 runners will finish the course out of the 40 odd that start.

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The betting market for this one will be available soon.