2017 Grand National Women Jockeys Betting

The first female Jockey to ride in the Grand National was Charlotte Brew who was in the plates onboard Barony Fort in 1977. Ever since that trailblazing ride from Brew the race has been on for the first female to win the Grand National at Aintree. We have seen a number of top class lady jockeys have a ride in the race but so far none have managed to get across the finishing line in first place.

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The closest a female Jockey has come to winning the National was in 2012 when Katie Walsh managed to finish 3rd in the big race on Seabass. Nina Carberry has been the star Jockey in the female ranks in recent times with three consecutive rides in the race and so far she is yet to fall which is a ringing endorsement of her talent. There is no doubt that at some point soon we will see a lady jockey win the Grand National and just maybe that will happen in 2017.

2017 Grand National - Female Jockeys

Katie Walsh - Wonderful Charm

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Previous Female Jockeys in the Grand National

1977 Charlotte Brew, Barony Fort, Refused 26th fence
1979 Jenny Hembrow, Sandwilan, Fell 1st fence
1980 Jenny Hembrow, Sandwilan, Pulled up, 19th fence
1981 Linda Sheedy, Deiopea, Refused, 19th fence
1982 Geraldine Rees, Cheers, Completed, 8th & last place
1982 Charlotte Brew, Martinstown, Unseated, 3rd fence
1983 Geraldine Rees, Midday Welcome, Fell, 1st fence
1983 Joy Carrier, King Spruce, Unseated, 6th fence
1984 Valerie Alder, Bush Guide, Fell, 8th fence
1987 Jacqui Oliver, Eamons Owen, Unseated, 15th fence
1988 Gee Armytage, Gee-A, Pulled up, 26th fence
1988 Venetia Williams, Marcolo, Fell, 6th fence
1988 Penny Ffitch-Heyes, Hettinger, Fell, 1st fence
1989 Tarnya Davis, Numerater, Pulled up, 21st fence
1994 Rosemary Henderson, Fiddlers Pike, Completed, 5th place
2005 Carrie Ford, Forest Gunner, Completed, 5th place
2006 Nina Carberry, Forest Gunner, Completed, 9th & last place
2010 Nina Carberry, Character Building, Completed, 7th place
2011 Nina Carberry, Character Building, Completed, 15th place
2012 Nina Carberry, Organisedconfusion, Unseated at the Canal Turn first time
2012 Katie Walsh, Seabass, Completed, 3rd Place
2013 Katie Walsh, Seabass, Completed, 13th Place